Plate Heat Exchanger

An effective heat transfer equipment. It is made of thin sheets of non-corrosive metals that are press-formed with a corrugated pattern on the surfaces, sealed with synthetic rubber gaskets in the grooves. Efficient in cooling or heating up mainly liquids, it has great benefits over the traditional Shell and Tube equipment. It is of high heat transfer coefficient over a low transfer surface area, light and compact size, quick start up, and easy maintenance.

brazed Heat Exchanger

Adopting the technology of plate heat exchangers, brazed heat exchangers are a smaller version of the gasketed plate heat exchangers. It retains the similar high heat transfer coefficient but provides even greater lightness, compactness, durability, and smaller size for conveniences.

at a glance

For the past 7 decades, HISAKA has always been trying to supply innovative products along with professional satisfactory services to our
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what we do

At Hisaka, we are the thermal engineering specialist that sells plate heat exchan gers and brazed heat exchangers, including its spare parts. Plate heat exchangers are used in heating and cooling, heat recovery, heat exchanging, condensing and even sterilization.