Plate Heat Exchanger Manufacturer in Malaysia

Plate Heat Exchanger manufactured in Malaysia

HISAKA is the world’s leading Thermal Engineering Specialist. With over 80 years of experience specializing in Heat Transfer Technology, we have the optimal solutions to streamline your industrial heating & cooling processes.

At HISAKA, we’re proud to work across a diverse and dynamic range of industries by adapting to different requirements. We specialize in manufacturing, supplying and servicing plates heat exchangers.

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Heat Exchanger Servicing Package

The lifetime of the Plate Heat Exchanger can be extended with regular observations and inspections, especially on the parts and components. Regular servicing ensures that plate heat exchangers run at their optimum performance.

As one of the top plate heat exchanger manufacturers in Malaysia, HISAKA provides various servicing packages to maximise after-sales customer satisfaction by regularly monitoring and ensuring the upkeep of product performance. Depending on customer preference, we can provide cleaning & maintenance servicing at the customer site or the nearest Hisaka heat exchanger service centre in Malaysia.

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