Mini spiral heat exchanger is one of the most compact and superior heat exchanger available in the market. Even though it has closed design, mini spiral acquires the “self-cleaning” function that prevent fouling to happen inside the single flow channel. Along with full stainless steel material, this heat exchanger able to meet supreme hygiene requirements.


Product Features

  • Sustain overall heat transfer coefficient with self cleaning function
  • Most compact and reliable heat exchanger
  • Fit for heavy duty applications with special material
  • Easy maintenance with option for detachable covers
Mini Spiral Heat Exchanger

Mini Spiral Heat Exchanger Actual Size

The Mini Spiral Heat Exchanger is customize to meet the demand for low flow rate application with easy installation design.

Spiral Heat Exchanger
Spiral Heat Exchanger
Mini Spiral Heat Exchanger

Comparison Table

Product Name
  • Mini Spiral Type A
  • Double Tube
Heat Transfer Area
  • 1.2 m2
  • 1.6 m2
  • Height: 330mm
    Width: 400mm
  • Height: 2600mm
    Width: 4000mm
Fouling Tendency
  • Very least fouling tendency due to Self Cleaning function that scrub off fouling.
  • Straight tubes are easily fouled and difficult to clean without disassembling it.
Mini Spiral Heat Exchanger

Special Design

KMSA with Detachable Covers
KMSB Condenser

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