HISAKA Plate Heat Exchanger Calculation & Design Web Simulator

Web Simulator

Welcome to HISAKA web simulator.

You can use this website to stimulate the design of our plate heat exchanger. Please make sure on the following design conditions before proceeding to the next data entry step.

6 conditions required

for Heat Exchanger Design & Calculations

Hot Side
Inlet temp
1 deg.C
Outlet temp
2 deg.C
Flow rate
3 m3/h
Cold Side
Outlet temp
5 deg.C
Inlet temp
4 deg.C
Flow rate
6 m3/h

Q1 = Density x Heat capacity x ( 1 - 2 ) x 3 / 3600 [kW]

Q2 = Density x Heat capacity x ( 5 - 4 ) x 6 / 3600 [kW]

(For water, density is 1000, and heat capacity is 4.186kJ/kg deg.C.)

The heat duty on hot side (Q1) is equal to the heat duty on cold side (Q2); Q1 and Q2 must be the same (Q1 = Q2).


Important information regarding HISAKA web simulator:

  • The calculation program has 2 patterns: Liquid – Liquid and Steam – Liquid.
  • For Liquid, the default physical properties are water equivalent.
  • For Steam heating, the steam temperature is fixed at 133 degree centigrade (0.2MPaG).
  • Please contact HISAKA if you are unable to make calculation for your requested fluid.
  • The default value for pressure drop is set to 0.05MPa. This value can be changed based on your design condition.
  • Output calculation results may differ from the design results calculated by HISAKA. If this happens, please use the HISAKA design results as the correct value.
  • The price indicator shows only for your reference. Please contact HISAKA for actual price.
  • Either stainless steel (type 316) or titanium can be selected as the plate material. Please contact HISAKA for other required materials.
  • Press the Tab key to enter field.
  • Calculation will be done at a 10% or greater for performance margin.
  • Calculated data is saved for one month. Re-calculations are required beyond that period.

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