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HISAKA is well recognized in the automotive industry. For decades, HISAKA has been serving the automotive industry with our high-quality heat exchanger for all of its processes. Be it from stamping to assembly, HISAKA provides a full range of efficient heat exchangers for all automotive processes. Resilient, efficient, and high quality is why the automotive industry always favors us for their heat exchangers requirement.

Looking for ways to maximize the energy efficiency of an automotive manufacturing plants? HISAKA Thermal Products could be the solution.

Automotive Process Flow
Automotive Industry

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Automotive Process Flow
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Heat Recovery in Car Painting Line

After assembling the sheet metals and aluminum parts to form the car body, comes the painting process. In the painting process itself, involves many other processes to ensure the body of the car is painted perfectly to avoid corrosion.

First, the body of the car will be washed by using heated degreaser fluid to ensure the body is free of oil. Commonly, the degreaser fluid is heated with a steam supply, but by using hot water generated by heat recovery in heat pumps, this can be avoided.

Then, the car body is coated with phosphate acid solution to protect from rust, ensure metal cleanliness, and better adhesion of paint on the car body. After coating, the car body is painted using an electrodeposition painting system which uses a plate heat exchanger to control the temperature of paint to ensure optimum results of paint.

Lastly, the painted car body is rinsed with water for an even and neat final paint result.

Where can we install a heat exchanger in an automotive painting line?

1. Degreasing process - Heat exchanger can be installed in the degreasing process to heat up the degreaser fluid using water by heat recovery from the heat pump. With this method, you don't need to use steam to heat the degreaser fluid.

2. Electrodeposition process - Plate heat exchanger can be installed in this system to control the temperature of the paint for optimum paint results.

3. Rinsing process - Plate heat exchanger can also be installed in the rinsing process to control and maintain the set water temperature used to wash the car body.

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Our Suggestion On Common Maintenance Issues

Issue 1: Phosphate sludge build up on plate surface

This issue may occur due to the solidification of phosphate solution on the heat exchanger plate surface. When the plate heat exchanger has stopped operation for a while, the residue of phosphate solution on the plate will solidify which blocks the corrugation of the plate and reduce the heat transfer efficiency.

HISAKA suggestions:
  • Number of plates used must be the same as per the specification provided, any under spec will cause quicker choke up.
  • Use model EX-15 Heat Exchanger (washboard pattern) to reduce contact points.
  • Consult professional to perform chemical cleaning immediately.
  • Plan preventive maintenance.
Issue 2: Total corrosion on plate surface

This issue may occur due to the plate heat exchanger is being operated with highly corrosive liquid that contained fluoride. When plate heat exchanger operates with highly corrosive liquid, it can corrode in between the seal line and the plate which caused penetration crack, and intermixing of two liquids will occur.

HISAKA suggestions:
  • Up to date, there is no plate material that is completely resistant to fluoride, proper preventive maintenance is very important to mitigate this issue.
  • Prepare an additional set of plate packs in case of leakage occurs.
Plate Heat Exchanger

Accessories/Spare Parts For Automotive Process

All great equipment will require best spare parts to maintain it performance and increase unit reliability. At Hisaka, we make sure all the spare parts supplied are high quality material and follow the standard set by industrial application. Therefore, we will ensure our client is 100% satisfied with their purchased.

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