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Human comfort in a building lies within the design and heating, vendilating and cooling (HVAC) system. As the building is innovating, HVAC system requires modern, efficient, and comfortable solutions. HISAKA provides a comprehensive range of high-quality and reliable heat exchangers for your HVAC applications, and the latest solutions available.

Looking for ways to maximize the energy efficiency of HVAC of your buildings? HISAKA Thermal Products could be the solution.

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High Rise Air Conditioning System

Often, high-rise buildings consist of sophisticated air conditioning systems to ensure optimum comfort levels. As land is a limiting resource on earth, high-rise buildings over time seem to be common. This results in higher pressure for circulation water of air conditioning which causes greater load on the heat source.

Plate heat exchanger can act as a pressure breaker to reduce the risk of the broken chilling unit due to high circulation water pressure.

More so, a brazed heat exchanger can also be installed in a chiller unit system. Brazed heat exchanger can act as a temperature regulator to control the refrigerant and water temperature required by the plate heat exchanger inlet. Brazed heat exchanger works as a condenser and evaporator inside the chiller unit to ensure minimal energy loss.

Where can we install heat exchanger in a HVAC system?

1. Before AHU System - Plate heat exchanger can be installed in between AHU System and a chiller unit as a pressure breaker and increase in energy saving.

2. In chilling unit - Brazed heat exchanger can be installed in the chilling unit to regulate refrigerant temperature and act as a condenser and evaporator

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Our Suggestion On Common Maintenance Issues

Rusty frames
Issue 1: Rusty frames

This issue is occurred due to the heat exchanger has been operated for a long period of time without proper insulation on essential parts. Condensation that happened on the frames can cause rusting, if do not conduct preventive maintenance, bolts and nuts may be damaged.

HISAKA suggestions:
  • Insulate the main parts of the heat exchanger with proper material.
  • Replace rusted bolts and nuts.
  • Proper planning of preventive maintenance to extend heat exchanger lifespan.
Water sedimentation fouling
Issue 2: Water sedimentation fouling

This issue occurred due to the water used for the plate heat exchanger contains salt (CaCO3). After a long period of operation, salt will start accumulating on the plate which caused fouling. As the plate start to foul, the heat transfer efficiency of the plate heat exchanger will drop.

HISAKA suggestions:
  • Conduct periodic maintenance to prevent hard scaling.
  • Regular monitoring of outlet pressure and temperature to comprehend the internal condition of PHE.
  • Prepare spare plate pack for routine maintenance to reduce downtime.
Plate Heat Exchanger

Accessories/Spare Parts For HVAC Process

All great equipment will require best spare parts to maintain it performance and increase unit reliability. At Hisaka, we make sure all the spare parts supplied are high quality material and follow the standard set by industrial application. Therefore, we will ensure our client is 100% satisfied with their purchased.

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