Spiral Heat Exchanger (SHE)

The Spiral Heat Exchanger (SHE) is made from two long metal plates around a core to form two concentric spiral flow passages, one for each fluid.

THe plate edfes are welded one side for each fluid. Channel plate width and spacing are optimized for the specific duty, maximum heat transfer and ease of access.

The plate gap is maintained by piece which are called distance piece. We also have optional model which do not require them.

Related to these structure, Spiral Heat Exchanger has unique advantages over other type of heat exchanger such as shell & tube.


Basic Structure (Type 1)

Type 1 has two concentric spiral channels, one for each fluid.
The spiral channels provide optimum heat transfer and flow conditions for a wide variety of fluids, while keeping the overall size to a minimum.

Basic Structure (Type 2)




Type 2 is commonly used as a condenser under deep vacuum conditions such as reboiler, gas cooler and heater.

Vapor is moving in cross flow direction while cooling medium is moving in a spiral direction. This flow direction can create an extremely low pressure drop for the vapor side. The large cross-section also allows large vapor volume.

The short height of cross flow section is suitable for liquid to liquid duty where large flow imbalance between the two sides.


Self Cleaning Ability


Spiral is very good at using with fluids that tend to cause fouling. Single channel geometry reduce the fouling, and it called "self-cleaning"

Self-cleaning means that when fouling occur in spiral channel, taking it away from. Because the entire flow have to pass through fouling section.

It means that velocity of fouling-section increase. So scrubbing effect will happen.

High overall heat transfer coefficient


Spiral passage easily create turbulent flow.

Optimum flow speed can be gained by selecting the most suitable flow channel.

High overall heat transfer coefficient can be achieved.



SHE Application



Special type of spiral heat exchanger without distant piece is ideal for waste water and slurry type process.

It is especially designed to handle fluid with fibre for example. it goes through the channel smoothly.


Spiral Heat Exchanger has great channel spacing that is suitable for oil. It has ability for high temperature and pressure since it is welded. 

The spiral passage allows self cleaning.

It is commonly used in palm oil refinery CPO and RBDPO heat recovery.


The advantage of compact and small space requirement is ideal for Spiral Heat Exchanger to be installed in distillation facility.

Spiral Heat Exchanger is commonly installed