Spiral heat exchangers are engineered and designed to be reliable and durable which can handle various heat transfer requirements. With its self-cleaning feature, it can efficiently handle slurry, viscous fluid even dirty media. More so, with its robust and efficient design, spiral plate heat exchanger can be used for cooling, heating, or even heat recovery.


Product Features

  • Self-cleaning ability, due to its rotary current flow, fouling can be removed.
  • High overall heat transfer coefficient.
  • Very low maintenance and operating cost.
  • Customizable based on specification needed.
Spiral Heat Exchanger Working Principle

How Does a Spiral Heat Exchanger Work?

Spiral Heat Exchanger consists of two long flat plates wrapped around a center, creating two concentric spiral channels. The hot and cold fluid channel into the spiral heat exchanger counter-current to maximize heat transfer. The velocity of the fluid increases when there's a deposit in the spiral heat exchanger which will cause scrubbing effect that removes the deposits.

Spiral plate Heat Exchanger working mechanism video thumbnail
Spiral plate Heat Exchanger working principle video thumbnail
Spiral Heat Exchanger

Comparison Table

spiral plate heat exchanger
shell and tube heat exchanger
Product Name
  • Spiral Heat Exchanger
  • Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Heat transfer coefficient is around 2,900 W/m².K which is almost 2 times that a shell and tube heat exchanger.
  • Heat transfer coefficient is only around 1,500 W/m².K
Operating Cost
  • Low operating cost due to its self-cleaning features which scrub off fouling.
  • High operating costs due to low transfer efficiency and high fouling rate
  • Due to its self-cleaning features, the risk of fouling is greatly reduced.
  • High tendency of fouling, which required periodic maintenance.
Spiral Heat Exchanger

Special Design

SLURRY Heat Exchanger
KSH-2V (Cross Flow)

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