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With years of research and development, HISAKA valves have been recognized globally and installed worldwide. As a pioneer in fluids control technology, HISAKA is determined to improve our technology and design to bring you the best quality and reliability of valves.

HISAKA has been supplying various ball valves applications to companies across Malaysia

Thanks to our commitment to quality and service, we have earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy ball valve supplier in Malaysia.


Introduction To Ball Valve

HISAKA Ball Valve Supplier in Malaysia

Valves can control the flow of liquids, gases, powders or other materials in pipes. Among those are ball valves, which can be used in many different applications & industries including oil and gas, chemical processing, food and beverage and power generation.

The ball valve has a ball with a hole in the middle and operates by rotating the ball to control the fluid flow. Because the hole is the same diameter as the pipe, flow resistance is very low. A ball valve can rotate 90 degrees to go from completely open to completely closed, making it easy to manipulate.


Type of Valves

HISAKA Ball Valves

Floating Ball Valve (HF 5)

The floating ball valve is our main product and has a wide range of uses, including chemicals, petrochemicals, oil refining, steel, pulp, power plants, gas system and general industry.

Valves up to 12 inches can be produced.

Jacketed Ball Valves (HJ 5)

Jacketed ball valves are made by welding a jacket onto the body of the ball valve that contains a heat medium. This allows the temperature inside the valve to be maintained and lets fluids that will solidify at room temperature pass through the valve.

Metal Touch Ball Valve (HF 5 - M1, FM 5, TM 1)

Metal touch ball valves are valves where the ball is sealed with metal seats. They are used when high-temperature fluids, abrasive powders, or slurries are used, and soft seats such as PTFE seats are not appropriate.

3 Way Ball Valve With 4 SEATS (H45)

3 Way Ball Valve Feature

H45 3 way ball valve is a multi-functional valve which can be used to divert, divide, mid, and close off fluid with one unit. Ball seat is mounted on each of the 4 faces allowing for free selection of flow directions. The main body of the valve has a 3-block structure, offering excellent maintainability.

Specification / Pressure Class / Size inch (mm)

Full Bore Port, JIS10K ASME CLASS 150 with a size of 1/2"(15A) - 12"(300A)


Body is made of stainless steel or cast iron. Trim is made of stainless steel. Seat is made of PTFE, Maxtite PTFE, carbon-fiber reinforced PTFE or Carbon.

Jacketed 3 Way Ball Valve with 4 Seats (H45J)

Jacketed 3 Way Ball Valve Feature

H45J is a 3 way, 4 seat jacketed ball valve. It has the performance of a jacketed ball valve and is available in 2 options: T-Port and L-Port configurations. The valve uses a long bonnet at its gland part, easily allowing for the thermal and cold insulation of fluid.

Specification / Pressure Class / Size inch (mm)

Full Bore Port, JIS10K ASME CLASS 150 with a size of 1/2"(15A) - 4"(100A)


Body is made of stainless steel. Trim is made of stainless steel. Seat is made of PTFE, Maxtite PTFE, carbon-fiber reinforced PTFE or Carbon.

Y-type, 3-way diverting ball valve (HY 1, HY 2)

Three-way ball valve specifically for use with pneumatic powder conveying systems. This allows smooth diversion of powders without any being retained in the port. Because it's made specifically for powders, it is constructed with a thick, strong body.

Special Application Valve

There are also many special valves, including those for specific fluids.
  1. Duax for maintaining pressure and powder service
  2. VM1 for shipboard boilers
  3. HF5 (ST) for steam
  4. G45 for gas treatment devices
  5. CH1 for chocolate (big line)

HISAKA, the Leading Ball Valves Supplier in Malaysia

Hisaka's ball valves are world-class. Our products have been recognised as high quality in over 40 countries and are used in many different fields.

If you are looking for a reliable & high-quality ball valve supplier in Malaysia, HISAKA is your one-stop shop for all your ball valve needs. We are confident that we can provide you with the best products and service in the market. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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