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Temperature control and sanitation are vital to the production of high-quality vaccines and medicine. Designed for superior safety, efficiency & cleanliness, HISAKA's fully welded plate heat exchanger meets the stringent hygienic requirements of pharmaceutical industries. Our heat exchangers fully comply with the FDA and cGMP regulations for all pharmaceutical processes.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

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Wet Granulation Process
Process Flow Diagram

Wet Granulation Process

Wet granulation is a process where non-toxic granulating fluid such as isopropanol, water, or ethanol is used as a solvent to agglomerate fine powder particles into granules.

Often solvent recovery can be done in the stages of the wet granulation process.

Raw materials and solvents are fed into a reactor to be granulated. The granules will crystalize into a stronger structure which feed into a dryer to become the end product.

Where can we apply solvent recovery in a wet granulation process?

1. After the reactor - Solvent recovery can be implemented after the reactor to recover the evaporated solvent.

2. After the distillation column - Solvent recovery can also be implemented after the distillation column to recover solvent.

3. After dryer - Solvent recovery can be implemented after dryer to recover extra solvent after crystallization.