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S-type condenser is a structure in which a plate bundle with welded dimple plates is inserted into the shell of the body.


Product Features

  • Suitable for horizontal & vertical installation
  • Able to conduct plate rotation
  • Smooth liquid drainage
  • Eliminates leakage
  • High detergency with free flow path
S-Type Condenser

How Does S-Type Condenser Works?

S-type condenser duplicate the concept of shell and tube heat exchanger integrated with effective dimple plate as the heat transfer medium.

With the help of transversal baffle on the plates side, cooling water could efficiently flow and circulate through entire plate bundle for comprehensive cooling.

Condensation happen when hot vapour/gas flow inside shell via optimum nozzle size and pass through free flow channel of cool dimple plates. Next, condensate discharge smoothly from shell through bottom nozzle while some incondensable gas move up to gas vent.

S-Type Condenser
S-Type Condenser

Comparison Table

Product Name
  • S-Type Condenser
  • Glass Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger
Surface Area
  • 3m2
  • 5m2
  • 160kg
  • 600kg
  • 650mm x 1300mm
  • 800mm x 2500mm

  • 10 W/m.K
  • 1 W/m.K
S-Type Condenser

Special Features

Full Detachable Model
Sight Glass
Free Flow HXE Profile
Optimize Discharge Nozzle

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