Combining our Heat Exchange expertise together with other instruments, comes a system like no other. Our newly developed hot water system using efficient plate heat exchanger for heat transfer. The ideal system for your hot water needs. 

Energy Saving

The system main advantage is having a temperature control system that manages the valve and steam intake. Hot water outlet is measured and sends signal to the valve. When temperature is achieved, steam valve is closed. This way, the steam within the heat exchanger will still heat up the flow. When the steam is not enough, causing outlet temperature drops, Steam side valve will detect and opens again. It maintains the usage of steam just enough for the heating needed.

Plate heat exchanger here is carefully designed for this hot water system. For steam, we would not want it to become condensate because of the pressure drop. Our Plates are designed especially for this low pressure drop. At the same time, hot water side need to have turbulance for a good heat transfer. Nozzle size of the model is chosen compatible with the piping instruments to minimize pressure drop. Everywhere you look at it, the system is designed to use energy efficiently.

External Structure

The system comes in a  skid for easy installation. Also in mobile if you prefer (for cases that you need to make hot water for cleaning purpose at different stations). It is designed with convenience to customer to attach steam, compressed air and electricity to get it running.







Easy to Operate


Schematic Diagram and utility required


Hot Water System Application



In the Food & Beverage industry, specific temperature is required for many parts of process.

Hot water system are commonly used to make hot water for jacketed system and utensil cleaning.


HISAKA hot water system is versatile and able to be moved around. It is ideal for CIP Cleaning.

The system provides immediate and specific temperature required for the cleaning needs.


Hot water system are commonly used to make hot water for hot jacketed systems.