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Compact, convenient, and efficient made HISAKA hot water system one of the best in the industry. By engineered and designed with an efficient plate heat exchanger, energy saving is achieved. More so, it can be very mobile to move and install to various applications.

Industrial Hot Water Heating System with Heat Exchanger
Hot Water System

Performance & Design Features

Hot Water System - Design Features
Hot Water System - Design Features
Hot Water System

How Does a Hot Water System Work?

The main advantage of HISAKA HWS is the temperature control system which automatically manages steam intake based on the temperature set. The temperature of the hot water outlet is capture and the signal is sent to the steam valve when the set temperature is achieved, the steam valve will be regulated and vice versa.

Tankless industrial hot water heating system
Process Flow Diagram

Tankless Heater

HISAKA hot water system designed without a tank to prevent potential breeding places for bacteria and reduce maintenance costs. With its efficient design, insurance inspection can also be reduced.

With preconfigured, pre-assembled, and skid-mounted unit, HISAKA hot water system can be easily installed in any process line. More so, installation time and trouble-free commissioning can be achieved.

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